This relates to an error in the Microsoft crypto folder.

Fix is to re-create it by going to %localappdata%microsoft and rename or delete the crypto folder

NOTE: The error "keyset as registered is invalid" will not be presented in the app_error.log unless Turn eNP debugging ON is activated.

If "eNP debug" is not on, it will either show that you are not able to delete a cached publication (if any).

If first time opening the publication (meaning no cached file exist) it will not show any error message in the app_error.log

Example of trying to open a publication that is already cached and example of the error when "eNP debugging" is turned on:

Close the NavStation application and do the following:

1. Open File Explorer

2. In the address bar type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\

3. Find the Crypto folder and  delete it.

4. When starting NavStation again, the Crypto folder will be re-generated automatically and opening the publications from the bookshelf should now be succesful.