The compiler licenses are needed in order to be able to install charts from Navtor. Normally these are already in place in TECDIS, but sometimes they need to be re-installed. I.e. if change of dongle/e-token, or if it's not working properly. 

The compiler licenses are created by Navico (C-map), and comes in a password.usr file. Lately these has been added in the servicekey by Telko. But if you can't find them, please contact Telko.

In order to install this permit file, please do the following:

1. Open C-Map Chart Manager (Start Menu -> All programs -> C-Map Professional SDK Runtime -> C-Map Chart Manager)

2. Go to Licenses-tab

3. Find database "Software Modules" in the dropdownlist

4. On left side click "Import from file"

5. The result should be as attached screenshot shows.

6. Then you can continue to install permits and charts.