If you receive the message "Current Directory in registry and Latest Directory on disk do not match" when trying to use the "Area Data Rollback Utility", you can use the procedure below to fix the issue:

1. Open the following folder, and delete all numbered folders except "1"


(XXXXX value can be ADRS2, ADRS6, ADRS1345, List Of Lights or TotalTide)

2. Open "Regedit" and open the below key

For 64-bit OS:

For 32-bit OS:

3. Change the "Current Areas" string to "1"

4. Run "Area Data Rollback Utility" again for the affected area. You should receive a message saying "No Previous Directoy".

5. Close the "Area Data Rollback Utility" and start NavStation again

6. Wait until the "Updating ADP Databases" indication in the top right corner goes away and then try to access the ADP data in NavStation again