Please note that the error 'Object Outside Range' is specific to the JRC line of ECDIS models and the suggestion from JRC is to remove the affected ENC cell(s) and reinstall from NavStick/NavBox. See attached documents describing how you can delete individual cells from the system - choose the one which applies to your ECDIS model.

JAN-92xx - Deleting ENCs.pdf

JAN 701B-901B-2000-1186 - Deleting ENCs.pdf

If this doesn't sort the issue, please try below suggestion which we have received from JRC as well:

"An error occurs because of the cell range described in the chart already imported in the ECDIS is different from the cell range described in the chart you are trying to import

Please refer to the attached 03-8_ECUR024E_ViewOldEdition.pdf and re-import the chart with the View Old Edition check turned on .After importing, please turn off View Old Edition." 

But if this is a reoccurring issue, we recommend that you contact JRC directly in hope that they can issue a permanent fix for the problem.