Based on the information you have provided, the installed AIO data has an issue that is preventing you from loading updated AIO data.

To resolve this issue, you need to remove the currently installed AIO data and attempt AIO loading again.


Please perform the following:


Stage 1:

  1. Open chart loading as normal and select your Navbox/NavStick normal chart loading location, but do not start chart loading.
  2. Press the '+' to the left of this drive/folder in the folder list to show subfolders.
  3. Press '+' next to the INFO folder.
  4. Select the 'AIO' folder.
  5. In the main chart loading area, check if there's a 'Remove Installed' button.
  6. If there's no 'Remove Installed' button, stop and proceed to 'Stage 2' below.
  7. If there is a 'Remove Installed' button, press it and follow any on screen instructions.
  8. After the old AIO data has been removed, try loading AIO again.
  9. If the issue is still present, proceed to 'Stage 2' below.

Stage 2:

  1. Insert the TECDIS Service Key and exit to Windows.
  2. In Windows, open a folder window and open 'Local Disk (C)'.
  3. Look for a folder named 'ProgramData'.
  4. If this folder is not shown, change the folder window options so that hidden files and folders are shown (Press 'Organize' in the top of the folder window, 'Folder and search options', 'View' and select 'Show hidden files, folders and drives').
  5. Go to the folder C:\ProgramData\NAVTOR\NAVTOR SDK Runtime\geodatabase
  6. If there's a subfolder named 'AIO' here, delete it.
  7. Go to the folder C:\ProgramData\NAVTOR\NAVTOR SDK Runtime\enc_storage
  8. If there's a subfolder named 'AIO' here, delete it.
  9. Try loading AIO again.