The VMFT systems from Version 10 software will have this deviation, as the GB800001 is not actually a chart, it is the AIO (Admiralty Information Overlay). VMFT V10 had a change introduced as requirement for IEC 61174:2015 compliance. VMFT V10 should have handled this differently for the AIO data, but in this dataset the “last edition” is reported as blank (for the GB800001 “chart” build by the chart manufacturer), as VMFT thinks that there is a newer edition of this data but there is not.
The solution will require a software correction that has to be developed so there is not an immediate solution.
This deviation should not be stopping you from operating as Paperless Navigation.
Also in case of a PSC you can proof that the AIO is up to date from the information provide by your chart supplier.
To help the navigator determine whether their AIO installed on VMFT is up to date:
1.       VMFT provides the Edition, Update and issue date for the AIO installed on VMFT
2.       Navigators can compare this information with the information provided by the chart supplier.

In Version 10.0.0
From Version 10.0.1