The update No 5 to this cell has been reported failing on SAM systems and this has been confirmed by Wärtsilä SAM Electronics.   

"In the following please be informed about our results of investigation regarding the reported issue.

Based on the delivered dataset it was possible to re-produce the issue. Different to the message received we could reproduce the problem with update 5 instead of update 4.

With versions since June 2018 (V2.1.03.16) the issue has been solved for NACOS Platinum series. We therefore recommend to perform an update to the newest versions, either V2.1.03.30 or V2.1.10.07 depending on the hardware delivered.

For NACOS xx-5 tests have been performed with the last official version, the problem could not be reproduced but it has been recognised, that the procedure is quite time consuming depending on the hardware resources (old computer hardware with limited RAM). Installation times of these cells may take up to 12 min."