1. Have a navstick with a new internal database (or fairly new) ready, and make sure that the Navstick is for the correct database that the vessel is using; Primar (NAVTOR) or AVCS.

2. Send an email to technical@navtor.com containing the Navsticks Serial number and which vessel it should be assigned to

3. Wait for the confirmation email that the navstick has been moved to the vessel

4. If the navstick already has an ENC_ROOT delete it before running Navsync and this will free up some time during Navsnc. Run navsync to receive the ENCs and permit file for the vessel

5. After the Navsync has been ran successful

a) Make a folder named "VESSEL_NAME" on your computer

b) Copy the following files and folders from the navstick:



INFO\AIO (can be skipped to save data but will result in no updates for the AIO)



6.  Zip the folder VESSEL_NAME into the desired format and send it to your vessel.

7. Lastly, send an email to technical@navtor.com when you are done letting us know where to move the Navstick back to (presumably your own "vessel").

Illustration of the data package:

ROOT folder:

INFO folder:


INFO\NAVTOR\ folder: