1. First a "RouteExchange" folder directory has to be created on your root directory of the USB-stick.

2. The RouteExchange directory can be created using create New Folder on a normal Windows Computer or automatically on a Platinum system by exporting any route to your USB stick.

3. The routes to import within  NACOS Platinum, have to be kept in a top level directory named RouteExchange

This directory has to be structured in further sub-directories (named e.g. Baltic Sea, North Sea) where the routes are stored.

4. Connect the USB-stick to NACOS Platinum and use the Import function of Route Explorer to import them. 

For further info: NACOS Platinum only uses .XML route file format.

As only alternative you can use the international .RTZ file format 1.1 - this latter only uses minimum route format information as described in Operating Manual.