1. For G-ECDIS to generate the user permit, you need 3 files
  2. hwid (containing the hardware ID; 5 characters long)
  3. mkey (containing the manufacturer key; NAVTOR = 29415)
  4. mid (containing the manufacurer ID; NAVTOR = 1K)
  5. To generate .hwid and .mkey files, you can run the below command "hwid_enc.exe -hwid=XXXXX -mkey=29415" (Remember to update G-ECDIS Hardware IDs Excel sheet)
  6. Save the files in %APPDATA%\NAVTOR\G-ECDIS\
  7. Start G-ECDIS ("Run as Administrator")
  8. Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "System Information" (saving to file requires a USB stick to be inserted)