The Sperry ECDIS system can by mistake load all permit files found on the Navstick so it is important that the correct folder is selected and not only the Navstick.

1. Insert the NavStick into your “ECDIS 1” system.

2. From the “Chart Hanbdler” window select Setting

3. Ensure that the Drives is selected

4. Tick box for Scan local path.

5. Click on the Browse button, located to the right.

6. A new window (Select folder) occur and then select the Navstick drive

7. Browser the content of the Navstick to the folder INFO\NAVTOR\PERMITS and then click on

the ECDIS 1 folder.

8. Click on Choose

9. When the correct path is select then go to Install

10. Under the Install tab press Scan Drives

11. A new window will occur and check that the correct Check Path is selected.

12. Note that only the checkbox for Permit is selected. DATA and PRODUCT is unchecked.

13. Click on OK(3) and the Process window indicate the progress of the permit installation. Wait

until it competes and confirms S63